ONE MAN’S VIEW: Our national schoolyard bully is at it again


A schoolyard bully is best at name calling…. or better yet, name shaming.

And once again, our president is showing his bully persona by attacking the only Republican in Congress with the courage to speak out and question his actions – Representative Justin Amash (R-Michigan).

Amash had the temerity to admit that the Robert Mueller investigation did indeed confirm “10 episodes” of potential obstruction of justice, saying honestly that the president “engaged in impeachable conduct” but left it up to the Congress to determine whether or not there should be impeachment.

REP. JUSTIN AMASH (R-Mich.) is the first Republican lawmaker to accuse President Donald Trump of “impeachable conduct.” – photo

And true to his form of bullying by name shaming, the president called the congressman a “loser” and “total lightweight” that is simply trying to garner some publicity for himself.

And, as expected, spineless House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), blasted Amash’s voting record for “(voting) more with (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi than he ever votes with me.” Fact checking showed this to be blatantly untrue. Amash has a 100 percent conservative voting record with the conservative think tank FreedomWorks and a 90 percent record over a six-year period in the Conservative Review’s Liberty Score® ranking.

Amash said, after reading the 448-page report, according to reporting in the Washington Post, that he concluded that not only did Mueller’s team show Trump had attempted to obstruct justice, but also that Barr had “deliberately misrepresented” the findings. Amash added, “Few members of Congress even read Mueller’s report.”

Responding to his fellow Republicans critics, Amash made a pointed rejoinder:

“When loyalty to a political party or to an individual trumps loyalty to the Constitution, the Rule of Law — the foundation of liberty — crumbles.”

While we are all still waiting to see the full un-redacted Mueller report, it’s a bit comforting to see there is at least one Republican who has rediscovered his spine and is willing to speak out.

And for Amash, it’s not the first time. When the Republicans were considering their massive deficit spending bill last year, he tweeted: “This spending proposal is disgusting and reckless — the biggest spending increase since 2009. I urge every American to speak out against this fiscal insanity.”

At a town hall meeting last week, an overflow crowd gave him a standing ovation.

For the past two years, there’s been a lot of name shaming from the bully in the White House. I hope the targets of his childish name calling wear their “nicknames” with pride, as a badge of honor signifying their courage to stand up to the schoolyard bully.

Expect more name shaming from this president. It’s what bullies do.


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