ONE MAN’S VIEW: The future of America is up to each of us


Democracy prevails. America prevails.

The inauguration on Jan. 20 of President Joe Biden promises a new beginning for America. And Thank God!

With tears in my eyes as both the National Anthem and “This Land is Your Land” played, a sigh of relief, and feelings joy and hope flushed though my body.

In his historic comments, President Biden talked of our nation’s proud past, our difficult present and our challenging future. And with eloquence, but more importantly with a sincerity and humility born of who this man truly is –– a real leader, our 46th president. And the contrast of the past could not be starker.

A defeated Donald Trump left office not with prayers for America and blessing for our new leadership, but instead recounting his so-called “accomplishments” –– the last self-serving lie of his governance. Despite our differences with the former president, we wish him well in his exile. He did have some positive accomplishments, but they were too few and overshadowed by his self-aggrandizement and false narratives culminating in his encouraged assault on the U.S. Capitol, an attack by his radicalized followers on the very foundations our democracy.

Good-bye, and good riddance!

In stark contrast, President Biden spoke of unity, spoke to us ALL as Americans, spoke to those who didn’t vote for him, spoke to the disfranchised, spoke of the division in our nation. More importantly, he spoke to the hope of a future that’s possible if we UNITE as Americans, UNITE as the America we have been in the past and can be in the future.

Standing in the very place where only two weeks earlier an insurrection attempted to overthrow our democracy, President Biden called on every American to strive for their better self.

The challenges of the future are real; he has promised to meet them with determination, candor and a pledge to be open and honest with us all. “We” instead of “me.” What a change from the last four years!

In his first week in office, President Biden has shown that will be the case, and exposed the challenge ahead. With now daily press briefings and the signing of critical executive orders to restore sanity and reason to the many mishandled policies and actions of his predecessor, we can have hope for this new beginning.

Noting that democracy is fragile, President Biden assured us it will prevail and thrive, if we work together.

In today’s divided America, that won’t be easy. For it to happen, it will take all of us deciding that it’s possible and that we can, and will, play our part to make it happen.

The future is up to all of us. Are we up to the task? I think we are.

Let’s do it!


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