OPINION: Missouri Rural Crisis Center needs Labor’s help


They stood with Labor in crucial fights; we need to stand with them now



“The Welfare of the People Shall Be the Supreme Law”

I hope you will join with me to support THE organization who is leading efforts in rural Missouri to rebuild progressive and engaged civic participation to make sure our state lives up to its motto.

For many years, our State Convention has “RESOLVED, that the Missouri State AFL-CIO supports the rural organizing work of the Missouri Rural Crisis Center (MRCC) and directs its officers and affiliates to seek out means to assist this rural organizing activity…”

2018 clearly showed it IS possible to build progressive majorities in Missouri.

MRCC, aligned with Missouri Organizing for Voter Engagement (MOVE), helped lead most rural counties to vote:
• NO on Prop A (RTW).
• YES on Prop B (increasing minimum wage).
• YES on Amendment 1 to CLEAN up Missouri politics.

But the politicians who got elected have supported corporate lobbyists over the interest of their constituents – over and over and over again.

MRCC is effectively organizing rural Missourians to hold politicians accountable and make progressive change.  Tens of thousands of rural Missourians took action with MRCC this year—working to protect family farms and our communities.

With your support, we will ensure that Local Control, not Corporate Control, will be a key issue in 2020 and beyond.

As a long-time board member of MRCC, I am seeking support from every union family member and local union who can donate $50, $100, $250, $500 or more to our 2019-2020 capital campaign.

We are breaking ground on renovations for our new office making an ideal space for our work and growth over the next 35 years. Our new space will enable us to exponentially expand our efforts to build power statewide and take our fight protecting Missouri communities from the negative impacts of corporate industrial agriculture to a whole new level, including an organizing and advocacy hub, a community meeting room and a communications center.

The goal of our capital campaign is $730,000. We are already 58 percent of the way there—but we need your support to complete the project and BUILD our future together.

That’s why we are asking our brothers and sisters in Labor to make a special gift this year.

Please join me! We hope you will consider a “once in a lifetime” sized gift toward our new office space to help build our foundation for the next 35 years.

Contributions can be mailed to Missouri Rural Crisis Center, 1108 Rangeline St., Columbia, MO 65201, or made online by going to morural.org/ and clicking on the “Donate” button in the upper right of the screen.

Rural Missouri has helped us in Labor with our fights; we need to help them grow for the future.

(Steve Hollis is President Emeritus of American Federation of Government Employees Local 3354.)


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