OPINION: Passing the PRO Act will usher in a new era for workers


Communications Workers of America (CWA)

The reintroduction of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, historic, bipartisan legislation to make it easier for workers to join a union and bargain with their employers, and to crack down on employers who use unfair union-busting tactics against their employees when they exercise their freedom to join together to improve their workplace, is the moment that working people have been waiting for.

With the new pro-worker administration, and with public support for Labor unions at the highest it’s has been in decades, CWA members are ready to raise their voices, flood congressional offices with phone calls, and do every single thing within our power to make the PRO Act – a sweeping Labor law reform bill that would usher in a new era for workers – the law of the land.

The pandemic has illustrated how dangerously weak our nation’s Labor laws are, especially when workers decide to form a union, thanks to years of shameless corporate attacks on workers’ rights. We are prepared for these professional union-busters to spread misinformation and use every dirty trick they possibly can against us in this fight.

But CWA members are fired up because we all know exactly why these corporate special interests have to resort to these dirty tricks – it’s because they see the writing on the wall. When millions of workers stand together, these union-busters will be exposed and defeated, and the voices of the workers will finally be heard.


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