OPINION: Support the United Way


Vice President, Labor Engagement
United Way of Greater St. Louis

The United Way has been a key national partner of Labor for nearly 80 years. The partnership is stronger today than at any other time.

In the past two years, working people have faced unprecedented challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions lost jobs and have fallen sick. Thousands are no longer with us, and millions of working people who thought we were economically secure have suddenly feared we could not feed our families.

In times of profound challenge, the Labor Movement always steps up. We stand by each other and the communities we live in and serve.

Now it is time for those of us who are fortunate enough to be working to give back to our communities and to the working people who are in need today. That is why I am writing to ask you to support the 2021 United Way Giving Campaign.

Through our network of Labor Liaisons, the AFL-CIO and United Way have worked for decades to meet our communities’ needs.

During the pandemic, this network has given life to our commitment to help each other by coordinating food distributions, supporting apprenticeship programs and continuing with direct assist programs to help families with utilities and shelter assistance, while providing direction to programs that can help with other needs in the areas where they live.

If we are going to have a better day in our region, we must work in partnership with effective local organizations that share our values. The AFL-CIO and the United Way share a common vision of prosperous, inclusive and diverse communities, where everyone has access to a quality public education, fair wages, good jobs and affordable & quality healthcare.

We are so excited to share with you this campaign flyer of how your donations have helped many of our union brothers and sisters. Contact me at (314) 539-4192 for a digital copy to share on your local’s social media site.

Thank you for supporting United Way’s 2021 giving campaign and helping to broaden our solidarity during this critical time.


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