Painters PATCH golf tourney raises $17,000 for kids’ programs

Backpacks Cropped
THE PAINTERS’ PATCH program donates backpacks and classroom supplies to St. Louis school children.

Painters District Council 58’s recent golf tournament raised $17,000 for their charitable PATCH foundation, announced Council Business Manager Gregg Smith.

PATCH – Painters and Allied Trades for Children’s Hope — provides charity assistance to the local communities it serves. Their “backpacks for kids” back-to-school program and their donations of time and materials to paint dozens of non-profit organization’s offices and facilities throughout the region are examples of PATCH’s outreach.

Recently, PATCH provided backpacks to all the children from Kindergarten to sixth grade at the Ashland and Hickery elementary schools in St. Louis.

Hundreds of boxes of Crayons waiting to be packed for students.
Hundreds of boxes of Crayons waiting to be packed for students.

PATCH has supported more than 90 different organizations around the nation. The money raised by Painters’ District Council 58’s tournaments stays in our local communities on both sides of the river.

Focusing exclusively on children, The PATCH Foundation addresses literacy, education, childhood illnesses, children’s emotional well-being, childhood poverty, homelessness, and children’s health care.

District Council 58 recently absorbed St. Louis District Council 2.




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