Plumbers & Pipefitters 562 wins national division softball championship

562 WINNERS! Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 562 journeymen, apprentices and pre-apprentices are a happy group showing off their first-ever United Association softball championship trophy for winning their division in the International’s 40th Annual Softball Tournament in Cincinnati, OH. There were three divisions but no final playoffs to determine the national championship. – Local 562 photo by Bob Ellison

Cincinnati, OH – With great skill, effort and sheer determination, a Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 softball team won their division championship June 29 in the national United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters Softball Tournament and set a tournament scoring record for a single game – 52 runs – winning the championship game by a score of 20 to 19, Business Manager John O’Mara proudly announced last week.


To highlight the incredible victory – the first ever for Local 562 – the championship game was won in true Local 562 “we get it done” fashion. With the game tied 19-19 in extra innings, Local 562 journeyman Jason Walkenhorst hit the game-winning home run. GAME OVER! Championship won! The team went wild!

The national tournament has three divisions. Local 562’s B Division has 18 teams. There are no playoffs between division winners to determine the national champion. However, this win has earned Local 562 the right to move into the A Division, which has the most talented teams, O’Mara said.

In the double elimination tournament, Local 562’s team won all five of their initial games with decisive scores: 52-3, 22-4,16-1,16-13 and the closest, 20-19, earning them the Division B championship.

THE WINNING HOME RUN by Local 562 journeyman Jason Walkenhorst, in extra innings, won Local 562’s division championship. – Local 562 photo by Bob Ellison


Proud team coaches are Local562 Executive Board member andteacher Fred Creamer and JourneymanForeman Bob Ellison.

Team members are Journeymen Chuck Bales, Adam Conway, Rob Costello, Dan Schuerman, Rick DuBose, Joe Katke, Andy Finklang, Ben Fichter, Jason Walkenhorst, Tom Reiter Jr. and Jake Moellman.

Apprentices members are Patrick Nichols, Adam Pomirko, Joe Reiter, Brian Beck, and Nick Gumm.

Pre-Apprentices members are Tim Benoist and Stephen Franzen.

“We’re obviously extremely proud of these guys. They played their hearts out and brought home the union’s first championship in a tournament that celebrated its 40th year. It’s the 38th year Local 562 has participated,” O’Mara said.

“One of the best parts of the tournament is the ability to meet and get to know their UA brothers and sisters from all parts of the United States and Canada. The three-day event brings a competitive spirit, along with bringing old and new friends together,” O’Mara added.

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