Rally Oct. 19 at 5 p.m. to support nurses at SLU Hospital


SSM seeks to decertify nurses’ union, which is fighting for better patient care, a fair contract

NURSES AT SLU HOSPITAL protesting unsafe staffing levels at St. Louis University Hospital are asking for Labor’s help protesting outside a hospital fundraising event Saturday, Oct. 13, outside the Four Seasons Hotel, 999 N. 2nd street in downtown St. Louis. Protesters will meet at 5 p.m. at the corner of 2nd and Carr streets, then march to the hotel. – Sarah Fentem | St. Louis Public Radio

A protest against SSM Healthcare’s anti-union efforts to decertify the nurses’ union at St. Louis University Hospital will confront partygoers at the hospital’s annual fundraising event Saturday, Oct. 19, with a massive rally the Four Seasons Hotel, 999 N. 2nd street in downtown St. Louis, where the party is being held.

The National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNOC) is calling on all Labor to join their protest at 5 p.m., meeting at the corner of 2nd and Carr streets, then marching to the hotel to let hospital supporters know the hospital is not being fair to their nurses or their patients.

The nurses, organized in 2012, are seeking renewal of their contract that expired in June.

Despite the SSM Health’s $3 Billion in assets, the NNOC charges that hospital’s nursing staff levels are putting patients at risk and are demanding better pay to attract more nurses to create safe staffing levels.

The union charges SSM with bad faith bargaining and wanting to implement “right-to-work” conditions on the nurses.

A decertification election is scheduled for Oct. 17-18. The rally is intended to show nurses the Labor Movement has their back and supports their efforts to win a fair contract, for themselves and their patients.

For more information contact Elana Kessler at 747-272-6497.



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