Reader urges TV, radio stations not to ‘throw your audience under the bus just to make a few bucks’


Pro UnionSocial media is spreading the word about the false Humphrey-financed media campaign with a special message to the media who are willing to take his money with no concern for the truth and the impact it has on the St. Louis community. Here’s just one example from Steve Erdelen, which was posted online on Pro-Union St. Louis.

“WARNING! To all of the broadcast stations that are running the disgusting anti-union ads that are an absolute insult to every, plumber, electrician, teacher, fireman, bricklayer, carpenter, laborer, iron worker, policeman, pipefitter, glazer, stagehand, machinist, autoworker, mechanic, insulator, painter, teamster, food and commercial worker and yes, the Media Guild itself… we ARE watching and we ARE listening!

“If you think it’s okay to throw a big portion of your audience under the bus, just to make a few bucks off of a hateful ad campaign that maligns hard working St. Louisans, you are WRONG!

“Hundreds of thousands of Missourians are proud to be represented by unions and they are proud to practice their constitutional right to bargain collectively. People serve years of apprenticeship, study for years in college, or undergo months of intensive training to earn their rightful place in their local union and they will not stand for this brazen attack against the middle class.

“Don’t believe me? Just watch.”



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