Republican senator brazenly admits: RTW gives ‘power to the bosses,’ lowers wages


Now that RTW is about to become law, they no longer have to hide the truth



With the so-called “right-to- work” about to become a reality in Missouri next year, a major Republican senator has accidentally admitted what Labor has been saying all along: that workers are going to suffer once RTW becomes law.

Missouri State Sen. Bob Onder (R-St. Charles), in a radio debate Nov. 17 with Labor Council President Pat White, either accidentally or brazenly made two major quips that went by so fast, many did not catch them:

• Bosses’ power: “Yes, of course RTW improves the power of the bosses!” Onder said candidly with a bit of a smile in his voice.

• Lower wages: “It’s true, wages are higher in non-RTW states…” White was quick to point out: “Over $6,000 more a year.” Onder quickly tried to modify that by saying, “… but the cost-of- living is lower.” It can’t be an average of $115.38 a week lower, the average amount lost in RTW states in direct wages each week.


Of course, it’s too late. So many of our union members voted for Republican Eric Greitens for governor on the tails of President-elect Donald

Trump, that there will be no veto of a RTW bill that will fly through the Republican-controlled legislature in January. Had Attorney General Chris

Koster been elected, he would have vetoed any RTW bill. Greitens has said he will sign it.

And we’ll all live the nightmare as RTW begins, slowly at first, to depress wages and make Missouri a less worker-friendly state.

Research shows that of the 20 states with the highest percentage of low wage jobs, 14 of them (70 percent) are RTW states.

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  • Why is it so important for you take make Missouri a “right to work” state? The only thing you will accomplish is hurting the economy. You know as well as we all do, it lowers everyone’s wage, not just union wages. Unions set the standards. Why take the power away from us? In reality, we are just the little guy. But go ahead and smash us like ants.


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