Rockwood Labor backs Eureka FPD’s Prop. S to hire more fire fighter/paramedics

FOR SAFETY: Eureka Fire Protection District is seeking a .25/$100 assessed value property tax increase on Nov. 7 to hire more fire fighter/paramedics. – EFPD photo

Eureka, MO – The Rockwood Labor Club is urging members to support the Eureka Fire Protection District’s Proposition S on the Nov. 7 ballot.

The proposed .25/$100 assessed value property tax increase would allow the district to hire nine additional full-time fire fighter/paramedics. The last time the district asked for a general revenue tax increase was 1985.

“This increase is about safety for both the community and the first responders we rely on,” said Rockwood Labor Club President Marty McClimens (Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 562). “This is well overdue.”


The Eureka Fire Protection District covers 82 square miles with three engine houses.

“Over the last three years alone, we have incurred an 18-percent increase in our call volume,” Deputy Chief Brad Dickinson said.

Dickinson said all three engine houses are currently “cross staffed,” meaning if the ambulance receives a call, the firetruck at that engine house is no longer manned. 

Although citizens are still protected by the other engine houses and by mutual aid agreements with other fire districts, Dickinson said hiring additional fire fighter/paramedics would increase the District’s response capabilities by reducing the need to cross staff firetrucks and ambulances.

“The Eureka Fire Protection District is an important part of our community’s infrastructure,” Dickinson said. “We are asking for voters’ support to ensure we can continue to meet the demands of a growing community and call volume.”


Here is what it would cost taxpayers if Prop S is passed:

• The owner of a home valued at $150,000 would pay an additional $71.25 annually, or $5.93 per month.

• For a home valued at $250,000, the cost would be $118.75 annually, or $9.89 per month.

• For a home valued at $350,000 home, the cost would be $166.25 annually or $13.85 per month.

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