Rockwood Labor Club endorses Prop P, election of school board candidates, mayor

The Rockwood Labor Club has thrown its endorsement behind the Rockwood School District’s Proposition P on the April 5 ballot.

Prop P would authorize the district to establish a dedicated annual funding source for future maintenance and improvement projects with no tax increase by increasing the district’s operating tax levy by 54 cents and reducing the district’s debt service levy by the same amount.

District residents would pay no additional tax as a result of passing the measure, and would save the district – and themselves – the expense of needing to borrow and pay down funds for future projects.

“Prop P is a reasonable way to meet the needs of the district while ensuring the economical use of tax dollars,” said Darin Sprayberry president of the Rockwood Club.

If approved, Prop P would be phased in over a four-year period, and the resulting operating funds would amount to approximately $25 million annually when fully phased in. The funds could only be used for maintenance and upgrades for items such as roofing, flooring, HVAC, technology, security systems, cybersecurity, data protection and athletic facilities. The funds will not be used for daily operating expenses like salaries, utilities and supplies.

“This transfer has been part of our long-term strategic financial plan for years,” shared Chief Financial Officer Paul Northington. “Originally, we did not expect to go to the voters with this request until 2025-2026. However, improved economic conditions and recent refunding of existing debt has improved that timeline. In Rockwood, we understand that spacious, well-maintained schools are necessary to equip students with the tools for success, and this is a common-sense, responsible way to address those annual maintenance needs without incurring interest costs.”

Prop P requires a simple majority to pass.

For the Rockwood School Board, the Labor Club has endorsed candidates Amy Ryan and Deborah Stine.

In the Meramec Valley R-3 School District, the Club has endorsed school board candidates Lou Vondera and Tim Richardson

In the City of Pacific, the Labor Club has endorsed interim mayor Herb Adams for Mayor.

Ward 2 Alderman Herb Adams stepped in as interim mayor, and Tuesday was his first meeting in the role.

Adams is a longtime figure in Pacific city government. A Pacific High School graduate, Adams previously served as mayor from 1992 to 1998 and from 2006 to 2014 for a total of four terms. Prior to that, he served as municipal judge for 16 years from 1980 to 1992 and from 2002 to 2006. Most recently, he was elected to serve as Pacific’s Ward 2 alderman and president of the Board of Aldermen, who, according to city code, steps in as interim mayor if the mayor resigns or otherwise leaves office. Adams took over as interim mayor in November following the resignation of Steve Myers.

Mayor  Herb Adams

Board of Education  Amy Ryan
Board of Education  Deborah Stine

Board of Education  Lou Vondera
Board of Education  Tim Richardson

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