RTW Greitens appears in TV ad for IL Gov. Rauner, who gave his campaign $100,000 last year

MISSOURI’s RTW GOV. Eric Greitens, demonstrating again that he cares more about out-of-state politicians and wealthy campaign donors than working Missourians, recently appeared in a TV ad for Illinois’ anti-worker Gov. Bruce Rauner, who donated $100,000 to Greitens’ campaign last year. – Screenshot from recent Rauner ad

In the latest example of anti-worker Missouri Governor Eric Greitens caring more about out-of-state politicians and wealthy campaign donors than working Missourians, Greitens recently shot a TV ad for an Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, who gave Greitens’ campaign $100,000 last year. 

In the ad, Greitens talks directly to the camera, along with other anti-worker, phony “right-to-work” politicians like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb, in an attempt to explain why the Republican Governor of Illinois should not be blamed for the state’s economic problems. Instead, they blame Illinois’ Democratic House Speaker Mike Madigan for blocking Rauner’s “reforms.”

Rauner, a multimillionaire former private equity investor who spent millions of his personal fortune on his own 2014 election, also donated $100,000 to Holcomb’s campaign.

“When Eric Greitens promised he’d be an outsider, who would have guessed he literally meant he’d spend all his time and attention outside of Missouri?” said Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber. “But then again, we’re not surprised he found a way to step in front of a camera – especially in an attempt to help another politician and wealthy campaign donor.”


  • All of Americans got to finally see the corruption and greed of the Republican legislation.  Not just the national capital, but state Capitals across our country.  Their real intentions were exposed.  And it’s sickening to watch them continue to lie and cover up their ridiculous behavior.  To think that we would back any of these Republicans that are on the same boat is an insult to our intelligence. Eric Greitens is nothing more than a puppet for these people who are only trying to line their pockets with as much money as possible.  The RTW law is designed to do just that!  And shame on you Eric for being paid by the greedy to push such a destructive law in our state!  The workers of Missouri have spoken very loudly.  You have attacked our livelihood and we are standing strong against you!  You are becoming less popular as Donald Trump himself!  I believe your career in politics will be Short due to you being exposed of YOUR intentions!


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