Sam Page wins Labor’s endorsement for re-election

THANKING LABOR for their efforts in passing positive worker-oriented legislation in St. Louis County, Executive Sam Page spoke Monday to the St. Louis Labor Council’s Executive Board where he received the unanimous endorsement for re-election. – Labor Tribune photo

Sam Page, incumbent St. Louis County Executive, has won unanimous endorsement for re-election to a new four-year term from the St. Louis Labor Council.

The endorsement came at the Council’s Executive Board meeting last Monday and was expected to be ratified by the council’s delegates at their regular meeting this last Tuesday.

“I’m proud to have supported the needs of working families throughout my term and will continue to do so because it’s beneficial for our citizens and their families, and for the continued growth of our County,” Page said in addressing the executive board.

In support of workers and working families, under Page’s leadership, the County has:

  • Enacted a $15 minimum wage for county workers.
  • Signed a prevailing wage ordinance requiring all projects using county tax incentives to pay prevailing wages, ensuring jobs for construction workers and quality work on projects built to last and serve everyone.
  • Appointed union members and Labor leaders to county commissions and boards so the voices of workers are heard on critical issues.

Calling County Executive Page an outstanding fighter for union workers and their families, Labor Council President Pat White called on union families, friends and supporters to vote for Page’s re-election in the November election.

Page thanked the unions for not only their support of his candidacy, but for their partnership and efforts in support of St. Louis County legislation that supports working families and makes St. Louis County a wonderful place to live, work and play.

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