Schnucks customers supporting Teamsters; enthusiasm continues to grow

HONKING CARS showing their support for Teamsters 688 handbilling at Schnucks Market. Local 688 members wave back in appreciation.
HONKING CARS showing their support for Teamsters 688 handbilling at Schnucks Market. Local 688 members wave back in appreciation.

80 turnout to hand bill in Overland

Overland, MO – Demonstrating that the enthusiasm for handbilling of Schnucks Markets continues at a fever pitch as more than 80 Teamsters Local 688 members, along with the spontaneous help from other union members, showed up recently at the Schnucks Overland store where Channel 4 was holding one of its weekly weather radio seminars.

“We circled the entire store at every entrance, and the public’s response was fantastic,” said Local 688 warehouse Business Representative Mike Schlueter. “It was obvious from people’s comments, that they are going to stop shopping there if Schnucks continues on the road to firing 190 warehouse workers when they move into their new warehouse opening this summer to be manned by scabs.”

And supportive comments are coming from Schnuck customers throughout the metro area where the Teamsters are handbilling on a regular basis.


A few examples:

  • Arnold: “I am not a union member but I believe in their fight.  GOOD BYE SCHNUCKS.” – Jerry Profeta
  • Crestwood: “My family has shopped at Schnucks for over 30 years. If they continue to treat their employs like this, I won’t be back.” – Mike Pacanowski
  • Fenton: “I am a new customer at Schnucks. I started shopping here because of their union workforce. I have no problem going to Shop ‘n Save.” – Jay Menzel.
  • O’Fallon: It saddens me to see Schnucks markets treat their workers like this. I am with the workers and will never step foot in another Schnucks store.” – Eddie Remick


“What is apparently falling on Todd Schnuck’s deaf ears is that a lot of customers have already switched their shopping to either Dierbergs or Shop ‘n Save, the two other major union grocery stores, even though we’ve not yet called for a boycott,” said Mike Goebel, Local 688’s chief executive officer. “That’s business they will never get back.”


Goebel reiterated his offer to enter talks with the company over the contractual rights of their members to have their jobs at the new warehouse.

Schnucks refuses, instead wanting to negotiate some kind of buyout package instead of following the legally binding contract they signed that clearly states the members’ right to move with their job.



  1. I’ve been shopping at Schnucks for years because I wanted to support union workers, even though I’ve never been in a union myself. It is thanks to labor unions that my father was able to provide for his family, my brother is able to provide for his, and so many others have been able to do likewise. I will spread awareness about what Schnucks is doing to its employees through every available means. If Todd Schnuck proceeds with this deplorable course of action, I will promptly take my business elsewhere, and never return, while encouraging others to do the same. I want him to feel the pain of every employee whose livelihood he’s destroying. That is the least we can do.


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