Schnucks ignoring 12 years of union help

Mike Goebel

“For the past 12 years, we’ve partnered with Schnucks and the other major grocery chains and the other unions there through our Joint Labor-Management Committee to help them fight the unfair competition from non-union companies, both here and in Jefferson City,” Teamsters Local 688 Secretary-Treasurer Mike Goebel said.

“And this is what we get for trying to be helpful!?” he asked. “They are doing the same thing to us now that we’ve been fighting to avoid happening to Schnucks all this time. This is pure union busting!

“Their justification for destroying 190 families is the same old song and dance: to cut costs and pass on the cost savings to their customers,” Goebel said. “BS! They simply want to add more to their bottom line without any consideration for what this means to real human beings.”





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