SEIU Local 1 janitors won’t let Bank of America maintenance contractor Archway sweep unfair wages under the rug


CONTINUING THEIR FIGHT FOR JUSTICE for contracted janitors at the Bank of America Plaza Building in downtown St Louis, Service Employees (SEIU) Local 1 members demonstrated outside the building Sept. 12 to demand justice after janitors employed by maintenance contractor Archway saw their wages slashed to $9.50 an hour. Archway disregarded the janitors’ pre-existing contract when it took over management at the plaza earlier this year, slashing wages by up to 33 percent, making it harder for workers to support their families. Local 1 members have been demonstrating outside the Bank of America building at least once a month since February and plan to continue demonstrating until Archway agrees to respect the union contract and the janitors who work for the company. – Labor Tribune photo


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