Show Me $15 workers rally at Natural Bridge McDonald’s demanding accountability, an end to union-busting


Normandy, MO – Workers across the country are rising up and demanding a voice through a union to ensure their employers respect them, protect them and pay them a living wage. At McDonald’s, cooks and cashiers are fed up, energized and ready to escalate their fight for $15/hr and a union. Workers organized through Show Me $15 rallied at the McDonald’s at 7171 Natural Bridge Road on May 25 to express their outrage that CEO Chris Kempciznski was paid $20 million last year while McDonald’s continued to pay most of its workers less than $15/hr. Stanley Jackson, community coordinator for Show Me $15, said workers also are refusing to let McDonald’s escape accountability for the sexual harassment, violence and racial discrimination workers face on the job. And they’re united in their demand for a voice on the job through a union in the face of McDonald’s relentless union-busting. – Philip Deitch photo



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