St. Louis Labor Councils issue resolution in support of Ukraine


In the strongest terms, the three major Labor central bodies in the region have condemned the invasion of Ukraine and offered moral support for Ukrainian workers.

In a joint resolution passed last week, the Greater St. Louis Labor Council, the St. Louis Building & Construction Trades Council and the Missouri-Kansas Laborers District Council praised the “heroic citizens” of Ukraine for taking up arms to defend their country “displaying an incredible sense of bravery and patriotism against a ruthless aggressor.”

The resolution condemned “in the strongest possible terms Vladimir Putin whose wanton ego has brought misery and death to innocent civilians and their families.”

Additionally, the resolution praises the Russian people who are demonstrating in the streets of Moscow and other Russians cities in protest to Putin’s war. Tens of thousands have protested across the Soviet Union and thousands of them have been arrested and jailed.

“…we call on, and support, the Russian people to continue protesting to show their disapproval for this megalomaniac whose reckless decisions could potentially bring the world to the brink of World War III.”

A truly brave Russian woman, risking everything to let the truth be known, rushed onto the set of a Russian news broadcast, jumping around behind the newscaster holding up a sign, “NO WAR” in English and then in Russian, “Don’t believe the propaganda; they tell you lies here.” After her show, she disappeared- presumably arrested and jailed.

The local resolution in support of Ukraine was signed by the executive officers of the three councils: Pat White, president, Greater St. Louis Labor Council; John Stiffler, executive secretary-treasurer, St. Louis Building & Construction Trades Council and Brandon Flinn, business manager, Missouri-Kansas Laborers District Council.

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