St. Peters Mayor Len Pagano says public doesn’t understand how bad RTW would negatively impact us all

MAYOR PAGANO – Labor Tribune photo
– Labor Tribune photo

“Right-to-work is bad for Missouri but people are apathetic about the issue because they simply do not understand how bad it would be for the state’s economy and for everyone’s personal pocketbook,” St. Peters Mayor Len Pagano said.

Meeting recently with the Greater St. Louis Labor Council’s executive board, the very worker-oriented mayor stressed that too many public officials in the Missouri Municipal League, for example, simply don’t understand the issue or realize how badly it would impact their communities.

“I implore you to help educate people, and especially our elected officials,” he urged the leaders of the various unions on the council’s board. “All elected officials need to stand up and be counted in support of all working families, including those that our unions represent.

“Passing this law would be a drastic change that Missouri doesn’t need. It would make Missouri a 1099 state like Texas. (His point: the bottom line on the 1099 income tax reporting form means the wealthy benefit and the average folks pay the bill, which is the case in Texas which has the lowest corporate taxes and the highest sales and other taxes that cost the middle class far more than the wealthy 1%.)


“Know that I stand with you because labor is a positive force in St. Peters and throughout the state,” Mayor Pagano stressed, adding that all the construction work in St. Peters is “good work” because it’s union work that means quality work and value for the money spent.

He also complimented the council for its stand on no longer supporting St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley who tried to nominate one of the most strident right-to-worker supporters, former gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence, to the county’s police board.

“All political leaders need to be held accountable for their actions,” he stressed. “Your decision on the county executive sent a strong message that political leaders will be held accountable.”

Visiting with him was Alderwoman Terri Violet, 3rd Ward.

Council President Bob Soutier thanked the mayor for his comments and his message about educating people on the phony right-to-work (for less) issue. He pointed out that what labor does in representing its members in fact impacts ALL workers in the state in a positive way.



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