Steelworkers, AFSCME endorse Daiber for Madison County board chair


Illinois Correspondent

Granite City – Madison County Board Chairman candidate Bob Daiber continues to rake in Labor endorsements in his bid to unseat Republican incumbent Kurt Prenzler.

Last week, the United Steelworkers Local 1899 executive board voted to endorse Daiber, and days later, AFSCME endorsed him in a letter to its membership.

“Madison County needs leaders who believe in worker training and safety, infrastructure and manufacturing,” the Local 1899 board said. “Each candidate we endorse has a record of fighting for working families, for union workers’ rights, and for jobs that pay a family-sustaining wage. Moreover, each will bring to county government transparency and experience.”

Local 1899 represents most of the workers at Granite City Steel.

AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, is the largest public sector union representing employees in county and local governments. AFSCME indicated that Daiber was the clear choice to lead Madison County based on his past record, willingness to be open to collective bargaining and for his respect of workers’ rights.

“The county board chairman touches every aspect of all county proceedings, and as an office holder and educator, Bob Daiber is in the unique position to use his experience, knowledge and know-how to lead Madison County forward,” said Cathi Gitchoff, president of AFSCME Local 799.

“From a professional, practical, and public view, Bob Daiber stands above his opponent on every level, and AFSCME is proud to support his candidacy for county board chairman.”

Daiber said both endorsements are great honors.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Local 1899,” he said. “This endorsement further represents the trust I have built with the working men and women of this region during my career as an elected official. I understand the importance of U.S. Steel in this county and the employment it provides to many of our residents. As chairman, I will work to continue strong relationships with the United Steelworkers.”

Regarding the AFSCME endorsement, he said, “Throughout my career I have been part of a public sector union or honored their contracts, and I will do the same as chairman of Madison County. If elected, I look forward to a positive working relationship with AFSCME members as we build a productive working environment within Madison County.”

Daiber has been known throughout his career as an advocate for Organized Labor and has also been endorsed by the 12th District COPE AFL-CIO, Southwestern Illinois Central Labor Council PAC, St. Louis/Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council, IBEW  Local 309, and Fire Fighters Locals 4531 Troy-Maryville, Local 2625 Collinsville, Local 1255 Alton, and Local 253 Granite City.



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