Stuart, library collecting women’s hygiene supplies


Illinois Correspondent

East Alton, IL – State Rep. Katie Stuart, (D-Edwardsville), always seems to have some good projects going on that we might not have thought about otherwise.

She took a moment to explain one of them at the July meeting of the Greater Madison County Federation of Labor.

“Sorry if I make anybody in the room squeamish, but this is a big thing for me,” she said. “There are a lot of girls and women who suffer from what we call ‘period poverty.’ They can’t afford the feminine hygiene products that they need. People don’t realize it, but these things add up and they’re expensive. And it can lead to really bad medical problems if you don’t have what you need.”

Stuart has collected them in the past, and this time, the Caseyville Public Library asked her to partner on a collection of pads, tampons and other supplies during August and September.

“So while you’re out getting back-to-school supplies, if you don’t mind going down the feminine hygiene aisle – ask your daughter of wife if you’re uncomfortable doing it – grab a couple of boxes and get them to my office or get them to the Caseyville library, or we will come to you to pick them up,” she said.

Stuart’s office is open Monday through Friday at 2105 Vandalia St. Unit 16 in Collinsville, or call (618) 365-6650. The library is at 419 S. 2nd St. in Caseyville, open Monday through Saturday.



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