Taking ‘Vote NO on Prop A’ to Republican voters


Marshfield, Mo – Here in the heart of Missouri Republican country, an educational effort to explain the truth about Prop A was part of the town’s annual Independence Day parade, with union members and some Democrats participating. The effort was spearheaded by Teamsters Local 245 and the Missouri-Kansas-Nebraska Conference of Teamsters. Noted one surprised parade viewer, “This is the first time any Democrats ever appeared in this town’s parade.” The contingent, which included vehicles and dozens of Local 245 families and other concerned workers, passed out almost 150 yard signs and over 1,200 RTW information flyers taken eagerly by bystanders, said Jim Kabell, president of Joint Council 56 and secretary-treasurer of Local 245 (on the left above). Working the crowd with Kabell is Local 245 Trustee Jeremy Manley (UPS package driver, a third generation Teamster). One parade watcher said even though he was a Republican, he was voting NO on Prop A because he realized it was bad for Missouri’s workers. – Jeff Hall photos


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