Teamsters Joint Council 13 brings toys, joy to hospitalized kids

Santa's helpers
SANTA’S HELPERS – Present wrappers helping spread Christmas cheer were (front row, from left), Dr. Tickles, Dianne Burns and Children’s Hospital Government Relations Director Ellie Glenn. (Back row, from left) Teamsters 688 Secretary-Treasurer Mike Goebel, Missouri State Rep. Bob Burns, (Teamsters Local 600 retired), Anheuser-Busch Government Relations Director Ted Powers, Rep. Burns’ Legislative Assistant Patrick Mulcahy, Children’s Hospital Vice President of Patient Services Peggy Gordin, Missouri AFL-CIO President Mike Louis and his wife Susan Louis.

Children’s Hospital – Using $12,124 raised at the first Dan McKay Memorial Bass Tournament, Teamsters Joint Council 13 bought hundreds of toys for Children’s Hospital’s Snowflake Village, then spent Christmas Eve at the hospital wrapping the presents for Santa to distribute to hospitalized children on Christmas Day.

“Parents of hospitalized children don’t have time, and sometimes don’t have the money, to shop for their children during the holidays. The Teamsters gift provided parents with a ‘free shopping trip’ at the hospital and made the holidays a happier and more normal time for their children,” said Children’s Hospital’s Emmy McClelland, director of governmental services.

Parents come into the Snowflake Village and select toys for their hospitalized children. Teamster volunteers and others they recruited wrap the gifts so parents can give special toys to their kids who are forced to spend Christmas in a hospital bed.

For children at the hospital without their parents, the nurses and Santa stand-in to deliver some holiday cheer.

The Teamsters’ gift was the single largest contribution ever received since the program began last year.

“Everyone was overwhelmed by the union’s generosity,” said Kathryn Lodes, the hospital’s special events coordinator.

“It was a moving experience to see the joy of the children when they received their gifts,” said Joint Council President Marvin Kropp.

Missouri State Rep. Bob Burns (Teamster Local 600 retired) confers with Santa on the long night of wrapping ahead.
Some of the hundreds of toys purchased with the $12,124 donation from Teamsters Joint Council 13.
Missouri AFL-CIO President Mike Louis and Legislative Assistant Patrick Mulcahy look over the  toys.
Missouri AFL-CIO President Mike Louis and Legislative Assistant Patrick Mulcahy look over the hundreds of toys.








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