Teamsters Local 610 drivers approve new contract with Schnucks, averting strike

STRIKE AVERTED: Teamsters Local 610 drivers overwhelmingly approved a new contract with Schnucks on Wednesday, June 19. The new contract includes improved benefits and wages.

St. Louis – Teamsters Local 610 members overwhelmingly approved a new contract with Schnucks Wednesday, June 19, averting a possible strike.

Local 610 Principal Officer Dan Thacker said drivers overwhelmingly approved the new contract, which includes better healthcare benefits and wages, by 81 percent.

“We got a drastically better healthcare plan out of it, which was the main sticking point,” Thacker said.

Local 610 represents 129 drivers at Schnucks.


Thacker said drivers will get a $1.75 per hour raise in the first year the contract and $1.10 each in the second and third years.

Second tier drivers will also move up the pay scale faster, he said

After four months of negotiations, drivers were ready to strike after having rejected the previous two contract offers.

Both sides returned to the bargaining table June 17 and hammered out the new pact.

Drivers had been alerting customers of the potential strike by hand-billing at several Schnucks stores across the region last week and had given Schnucks notice of the possible strike.

“They were ready to do it if that’s what it took, but naturally nobody wants a strike,” Thacker said. “It’s not good for anyone.”

Thacker thanked Schnucks customers for their support while drivers were hand-billing and  urged them to continue shopping at Schnucks.

“Schnucks does a lot of good things for our community so I would just ask them to continue shopping there and support our economy.”

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