Thanksgiving holiday highway driving safety tips


As families hit the road watch out for trucks


In an effort to save lives, Haul Hero, an over-the-road mobile platform that provides a broad range of services for professional truck drivers, provides seven safety pointers as motorists, and even more 18-wheel trucks, take to the highways over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Noting that of the 4,000 truck accident deaths each year, 97 percent are the result of passenger cars colliding with trucks, 30-year professional over-the-road truck driver Barry Mathews offers vital points for motorists to be aware of:

  • Don’t ride alongside an 18-wheel truck for fear of tire tread or other materials flying loose.
  • Pass with intent – hesitation distracts truckers.
  • Be aware of the many types of trucks on the road. Each truck carries very different freight, with different weights, tarps, fuel, refrigerated goods, livestock, and even trash.
  • Be cautious of high winds – 18-wheelers carrying 60,000 pounds can quickly sway causing passenger cars to swerve and become distracted, leading to accidents.
  • Never assume a trucker sees you speeding up from behind them.
  • Never cut off a trucker – 60,000 pounds can’t stop on a dime.
  • Move lanes when a truck is off the side of the road to avoid getting close to the truck.

“Car drivers need to be reminded that long-haul truckers are working overtime to resolve supply chain issues throughout the country, which puts more trucks on the road,” said Mathews, known as “Bear the Voice” to his more than 350,000 listeners on his daily podcast talking about professional truck driver issues.

“With the backup at ports causing serious delays and companies needing their products NOW, drivers, and particularly new younger drivers, are under real pressures to get their loads delivered. This creates even more potential concerns for families hitting the road over the holidays,” Mathews stressed, noting that of the 130,000 injuries each year caused by trucks, over 5,000 of them are the result of head-on collisions due to speeding or distractions.

“And this year, highway safety is even a greater concern because trucking companies, desperate for more drivers to meet the seasonal demand for delivery of goods, are hiring younger less experienced drivers,” added Jerry Rosen, Haul Hero co-founder and managing partner.

“Treat the big trucks on the highways with respect and caution,” Mathews urged. “If you pay attention to these tips I’ve learned from years on the road, you’ll get to grandma’s house safe and sound.”



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