Turncoat Democrat fined for campaign violations

TURNCOAT COURTNEY CURTIS speaking at a Jefferson City hearing last April. – Post Dispatch photo by Christian Gooden

The only Democrat to vote for RTW



Well, well, well. It seems the old saying, “Justice ultimately prevails,” has come true for the one turncoat Democrat in the Missouri House of Representatives – Rep. Courtney Curtis (73rd District, Berkeley) – who voted against his own constituents and for two anti-worker bills, the so-called “right-to-work” and the unsuccessful phony “paycheck protection.”

The Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) has fined Curtis $114,000 for “significant” violations of the state’s campaign finance laws.

According to information reported by the Post-Dispatch last week from a 34-page MEC report, Curtis:

• Maintained at least 11 different bank accounts for his re-election fund.

• Deposited campaign contributions into a personal bank account, potentially allowing him to use campaign funds for personal use.

• Deposited more than $63,000 into non-official accounts.

• Made at least 342 expenditures worth more than $51,000 from accounts other than his official campaign account.

• Was his own campaign treasurer.

• Did not maintain “records in accordance with accepted normal bookkeeping procedures.”

• Violated laws that limit cash contributions to no more than $100 by accepting five donations in excess of the limit.

• Used campaign funds to pay for items that were already covered by the state.


Noted the Post-Dispatch story, “…the Missouri Ethics Commission found numerous other violations of laws by Curtis, suggesting that he may have been using his campaign funds as a personal piggybank.”

After concluding its investigation, which began in 2015, the MEC gave Curtis two months to respond to its findings. He presented no legal response.

Curtis has taken $100,000 in two $50,000 donations from the notoriously anti-union David Humphreys and his sister.

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