Turncoats: Representatives who changed their vote on RTW to support corporate interests

TurnCoatsSome people will tell you one thing and do another, patting you on the back while they look for a place to stick the knife.

That was the case with these representatives who voted against the right-to-work bill in the regular session, then changed their vote – turning their backs on the working families in their districts to support their out-of-state corporate masters by voting in favor of a veto override.

• Randy Pietzman (R-Troy)

• Robert Cornejo (R-St. Peters)

• Dan Shaul (R-Imperial)

• Jim Neely (R-Cameron)

These untrustworthy representatives make promises to their constituents – the people who actually vote for them – but they don’t really represent them.

(Look for more coverage of the vote and what’s ahead in the Oct. 1 print edition of the Labor Tribune.)





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