Union workers oppose St. Louis City’s Proposition R

Missouri-Kansas Laborers District Council, Laborers’ Local 42, Laborers’ Local 110, and St. Louis Building Construction Trades Council ask St. Louis City voters to vote ‘No’ on Prop R on April 5. 

St. Louis – Union workers oppose Proposition R’s efforts to overrule the will of the people to better serve lobbyists and out-of-state dark money interest groups.

“If Prop R were to pass no alderperson could vote on union contracts with police, fire, city workers, that increase wages or benefits if someone in the union is related to the alderperson as a child, grandchild, great-grandchild, parent, sibling, niece/nephew, great niece/nephew, grandparent, aunt, uncle, first cousin, great grandparent, great aunt or uncle, great great-grandparent,” stated Local 42 Business Manager Brandon Flinn. “In practice, Prop R, will require Board of Alderman members to quit the board or abstain from voting or be counted as present, meaning that the Board of Alderman member in question is automatically a no vote on these issues, not a non-vote.”

Proposition R is a poorly written proposition that has many loopholes and broad terms that will cause confusion and open the door to more lobbyist control over the Board of Alderman. Prop R forces aldermen to vote against their family and constituents and doesn’t stop conflicts of interests. While these organizations don’t disagree with all the ideas in the proposition, this proposition is a poorly executed initiative petition with deeply flawed language that is riddled with unintended consequences. Several members of the Board of Alderman noted that the language of this proposition is flawed. We should not be putting flawed legislation into law.

“Prop R not only dissuades people from public service but also penalizes union workers and union families from having an advocate on the Board of Alderman,” stated St. Louis Building and Construction Trades Secretary-Treasurer John Stiffler. “Nearly all union contacts are ratified by our members, Proposition R’s poorly written language could be interpreted as if a member of the Board of Alderman is related to a member of a labor union that the Alderman couldn’t vote on matters of that union. This is awful for union workers and would provide more City union workers without a strong voice on the board.”

Laborers’ Local 42 and Local 110 represent thousands of workers in the City of St. Louis. The St. Louis Building and Construction Trades is composed of 16 labor unions that represent thousands of City of St. Louis workers.


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  • I believe that prop R will give the public more of an advantage in making city gov work more in their favor .💪🏿


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