Vote like your life depends on it


We heard you. We asked you to weigh in on issues that impact workers like you, and we asked you to tell us where you stand.

The consensus was clear: you want elected leaders to protect wages and benefits, protect workers from discrimination and fight for stronger unions. We’ve asked the candidates where they stand too, and we’re happy to say we’ve identified the men and women who are with us in this fight.

How you vote is your decision, and your decision alone. However, based on your responses to our poll, and our review of the candidates, we are making the following recommendations.

Remember, no matter who you support or why, make sure to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 3.
Incumbents are marked with an asterisk (*).


Amendment 3 Vote NO
Governor Nicole Galloway (D)
Lt. Governor Alissia Canaday
Secretary of State Yinka Faleti (D)
Treasurer Vicki Englund (D)
Attorney General Rich Finneran


CD1 Cori Bush (D)
CD2 Jill Schupp (D)
CD3 Open
CD4 Lindsey Simmons (D)
CD5 Emanuel Cleaver (D)
CD6 Gena Ross (D)
CD7 Theresa Montseny (D)
CD8 Kathy Ellis (D)


District 1 Doug Beck
District 3 Elaine Gannon
District 5 Steven Roberts
District 7 Greg Razer
District 9 Barbra Washington
District 11 John Rizzo
District 13 Angela Walton Mosley
District 15 Deb Lavender
District 17 Lauren Arthur
District 19 Judy Baker
District 21 Mark Bliss
District 23 Richard Orr
District 27 Donnie Owens
District 31 Raymond Kinney


District 15 Maggie Nurrenberg
District 34 Chris Hagar
District 35 Keri Ingl
District 42 Jeff Porter
District 44 Jacque Sample
District 45 Kip Kendrick
District 46 Martha Stevens
District 47 Adrian Plank
District 42 Jeff Porter
District 54 James L. Williams
District 64 Aaliyah Bailey
District 65 Bill Otto
District 66 Marlene Terry
District 67 Neil Smith
District 68 Jay Mosley*
District 69 Gretchen Bangert*
District 70 Paula Brown*
District 71 LaDonna Appelbaum*
District 72 Doug Clemens*
District 73 Raychel Proudie*
District 74 Mike Person*
District 75 Alan Gray*
District 76 Marlon Anderson
District 77 Kimberly-Ann Collins
District 78 Rasheen Aldridge*
District 79 LaKeySha Bosley*
District 80 Peter Merideth*
District 81 Steven Butz*
District 82 Donna Baringer*
District 83 Jo Doll
District 84 Wiley Price*
District 85 Kevin Windham, Jr.*
District 86 Joe Adams*
District 87 Ian Mackey*
District 88 Tracy McCreery*
District 89 Luke Barber
District 90 Barbara Phifer
District 91 Sarah Unsicker*
District 92 Michael Burton
District 93 Bridget Walsh Moore
District 94 Jean Pretto
District 95 Ann Zimpfer
District 96 Erica Hoffman
District 98 Angie Schaefer
District 99 Trish Gunby*
District 100 Helena Webb
District 102 Tracy Grundy
District 105 Christine Hyman
District 106 Cindy Berne
District 110 John Kiehne
District 111 Shane Roden*
District 113 Terry Burgess
District 114 Becky Ruth*
District 115 Cyndi Buchheit Courtway
District 117 Mike Henderson*
District 119 Nate Tate*
District 132 Crystal Quade*
District 135 Betsy Fogle*
District 147 Andy Leghton*


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