Watch for new member survey soon



For the first time in a little while, most of our partners will be receiving this issue of the Labor Tribune in print, mailed right to their door. While this is an option we’ve always offered, the past few years marked a significant shift toward digital distribution of this column and our entire back page.

The shift doesn’t really need explaining, not when seemingly all forms of communication have trended in one direction now for decades. It’s easier for most readers to get their information on their phones, tablets, or computers. As we began adopting an increasingly digital-centric communication model, it only made sense for our regular back page to do the same.

However, periodically something might present itself as urgent or simply necessary for us to do more than ding you with a regular email or text message. When those times come, we want to know we have the capacity to quickly put a piece of paper in everyone’s hands as well as on their phones.

So, in the coming weeks, starting with this week’s issue, you will find the Labor Tribune in your mailbox. Our friends at the Labor Tribune will continue to make our content available online as well, and we will continue to seek newer and better ways of communicating with you.

On that note, we’re happy to announce that we aren’t done listening to your feedback.

Late last year we surveyed our partners at Schnucks and Dierbergs for contract negotiations. The survey yielded the highest participation we’ve had yet, as well as a great deal of information for this Local to use when bargaining. I can’t stress how valuable that feedback was in helping us put together our strategy for our successful negotiations.

We believe the time is soon approaching for another survey which we will aggressively communicate with all of you. A few years ago we conducted a scientific survey of our partners asking a host of questions. We wanted to know how you felt about our ability to communicate with you, your thoughts on your union leaders, and the quality of your union representative.

Our organization doesn’t sit still. It’s been a few years and we believe it’s time to ask some of these questions once again. We want your feedback on how we are doing: are we doing enough to communicate with you? Are you able to get the vital information you need about your benefits, or your contract in general? Do you know how to contact your union rep? Are you satisfied with the work we continue to do on your behalf? How can we do more for you?

These are essential questions we want to answer. This is YOUR union, and we can only fight for you and serve you better if we strive to make sure we know what you need and where we can do better. One of our goals in the coming weeks and months will be to seek out your input so that we can improve the work we do for you.

Participation will be critical in this process.

We want to hear from a broad group of our partners. We want to hear from long-term partners as well as new hires from every age group and background. We want honest feedback so that we know how to make your lives better at work.

So enjoy this copy of the Labor Tribune that we’ve delivered to your mailbox and keep your eyes peeled for more communications from us as we continue to look for new ways to serve you.


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