What is your union doing to defeat Prop A?


Downtown St. Louis – Amalgamated Transit Workers (ATU) Local 788, Stagehands (IATSE) Local 6, Decorators and Displaymen (USW) Local 39, Projectionists (IATSE) Local 143, Studio Mechanics (IATSE) Local 493 and American Income Life went in on a set of three banners produced by union printer Creative Litho and hung by union B&K Specialists on the union hall building occupied by Locals 788, 6, 39 and 143 at 1611 S. Broadway. The message is clear, Prop A (“right-to-work”) will lower wages. Protect your pay by voting “NO” on Prop A. Josh Haun, a Bricklayers Local 1 journeyman employed by B & K Tuckpointing Company hung the banners on three sides of the building. “We want to get the message out to Vote ‘NO’ on Prop A and start a conversation,” said Local 6 Business Agent Joe Rudd. “What’s your union doing to defeat Prop A?” – B&K Tuckpointing photo


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