Women Rising: Midwest School for Women Workers begins July 16


The Midwest School for Women Workers, a four-day program that provides an opportunity to build skills and network with others in the Labor Movement, begins July 16 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The theme of this year’s Midwest School is “Women Rising.” Participants will attend workshops and plenary sessions on current policy issues affecting unions and workers in the United States and globally, the future of Labor and efforts toward improving workers’ rights.

Guest speakers include an organizer of the Women’s March in Washington, a leader in protecting workers in the food system and activists in the struggle for immigrant rights. The program also provides a tour of the Wisconsin Capitol, sessions on labor history and cultural activities.

The fee is $650 for participants who require housing and includes the program and materials, room, most meals and off-site parking. The cost is $400 for commuters and includes the program and materials, most meals and off-site parking.

The Midwest School is one of four regional women’s summer schools sponsored by the United Association for Labor Education. The 2017 Midwest School is hosted by the University of Wisconsin School for Workers with support from labor educators around the region.

Registration is open until June 23. To register or for more information, visit midwestwomenworkers.org.


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