Working moms have a tougher time in RTW states


Women make up almost half the workforce, 70% have children


As if it weren’t hard enough for working moms, new research shows working women with children have a more difficult time in so-called “right-to-work” states than in states without the anti-worker law.

Women make up almost half of the American workforce. Some 70 percent of them have children.

A new report from WalletHub, looked at three major categories –– childcare, professional opportunities and work-life balance –– to rank the 25 WORST states and 25 BEST states for working moms based on 2017 figures.


• RTW 19 of the 25 worst states for working Moms (76 percent) are RTW states.

• WITHOUT RTW Only six of the 25 worst states (24 percent) are without a RTW law.


• WITHOUT RTW17 of the 25 best states for working moms (68 percent) have NO RTW law.

• RTWOnly eight of the 25 best states for working moms (32 percent) are RTW states.

Missouri is already ranked the 14th worst state in America for working moms. Our lawmakers should be working to improve working conditions for moms who work, rather than passing legislation to make matters worse. Missouri’s working mothers deserve better from our elected officials!

Voting “NO” on Prop A on Aug. 7 will help us hold the line and encourage our legislators to begin doing something for working moms that will move our state into a “Best State” ranking. Sadly, that’s the challenge our legislators have failed to live up to in many categories as noted in this series.


In order to determine the overall best states for working moms, WalletHub analyzed data from the 50 states across the three key dimensions. In these three areas, researchers looked at data in the following sub-categories:

• Child Care: Day-care quality, child-care costs, pediatricians per capita, school system quality, share of nationally accredited child care centers, and number of childcare workers per total number of children.

• Professional Opportunities: Gender pay gap, ratio of female executives to male executives, median women’s salary, share of families in poverty, female unemployment rate and gender-representation gap in different economic sectors.

• Work-Life Balance: Parental leave policy, average length of a woman’s work week (in hours) and women’s average commute time (in minutes).

Data used to create the rankings were collected from the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Child Care Aware® of America, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Council for Community and Economic Research, National Partnership for Women & Families and WalletHub research.


On Aug. 7, voters will have a chance to vote on Prop. A, the ballot measure to determine whether Missouri will be a RTW state. Working moms and the people who love them will appreciate it if you would Vote NO on Prop. A.

The evidence is clear, Prop. A (RTW) will not only fail to create jobs and drive down wages and benefits and make workplaces less safe, living under RTW threatens the well-being of you and your family.

Vote NO on Prop. A.

Prop. A (RTW) will drive down wages for Missouri families, making it harder to make ends meet, and cost jobs by making it harder for private sector employers to negotiate with workers and effectively manage their business.

Vote NO on Prop. A on Aug. 7 to defeat RTW.

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Prop. A (RTW) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Prop. A (RTW) is not what it seems; it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Don’t trust it.

Prop. A (RTW) will drive down wages and benefits, broaden the gap between working families and wealthy CEOs, make workplaces less safe, weaken, unions’ ability to fight for their members, and do nothing to create jobs.

The facts highlighted in this series on wages, benefits, safety and lifestyle issues make it clear: Prop. A (RTW) is a bad deal for ALL workers and their families

Dark money CEOs and special interests have been unrelenting in their push to make Missouri and anti-worker RTW state because it provides an opportunity for them to make more money by paying their workers less.

Protect your pay, vote NO on Prop. A.

Vote NO on Prop. A to defeat RTW.


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Bought-and-paid-for-legislators working to thwart the will of the people

Make sure you and your family are registered to Vote NO on Prop. A on Aug. 7

Jefferson City – Corporate-owned lawmakers in the Missouri Legislature passed a bill this session, signed by former Gov. Eric Greitens, moving the date of the Prop. A vote  to the Aug. 7 primary election, when traditionally fewer voters turn out to the polls.

This cynical maneuver is designed to prevent you from voting, confuse voters and enforce the will of their dark money backers on the working people of Missouri.

It’s critical that every eligible voter in every union family – mom, dad, grandparents, voting-age children, friends and neighbors – is registered to vote. July 11 is the last day to register.

If you’re not registered to vote, not sure if you’re registered, or have not voted in the last few elections, you can register or re-register online at

You must be registered to vote to Vote NO on Prop. A to defeat RTW on Aug. 7.



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