YOUR LETTERS: $15 and a union a tide to lift all boats


I think that everyone should start work at a $15-per-hour wage. Some people say that’s too much because prices would increase drastically. That is false.

Places that already increased minimum wage have had only a slight increase in prices. These same critics don’t care if the chief executives get an outrageous bonus because of the work of their employees.

If those same employees want to join a union, they should be able to, gaining protection and benefits on the job.

It’s a good idea to be in a union. Besides protection and benefits, union members have a guaranteed wage and raises built into the contract. I think a $15 hourly wage and a union should be a law on a national level.

There’s a saying that fits here: A rising tide lifts all boats. That is true. Once minimum wage goes up, all other wages will go up in time.

The minimum wage needs to go up so all can live a little more comfortably. I work as a janitor for a cleaning company. I make $12 hour. We get by only because everyone in my household works.

Raise the wage.

Tom Hetlage
O’Fallon, Mo.

(Reprinted from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch)


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