YOUR LETTERS: Hawley, Greitens failing America

D.C. politicians spent $6.4 trillion sending us out to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan while we risked our lives fighting in pointless wars. I was there in Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting for my country.

Josh Hawley voted against spending just one-sixth of that amount on rebuilding America. So much for “America first.” I’m running for U.S. Senate in Missouri to invest in our communities and return power to the working people of this country.

If Hawley wasn’t bad enough, there’s also disgraced ex-Gov. Eric Greitens. He’s one of the GOP frontrunners in our race, and he said he would fight against investments in our infrastructure.

Just like the rest of  ’em, Greitens is another phony populist who claims to fight for everyday people while doing absolutely nothing for them.

And let’s not forget: Eric Greitens is a criminal. To the billionaires and big corporations propping him up to protect their grip on power, that’s a feature, not a bug.

Candidate U.S. Senate

(Kunce, is a Missouri law school graduate and a Marine veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and represented the U.S. in arms control negotiations with Russia.)

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