YOUR LETTERS: Reform St. Louis ballot initiative would clean up city government

St. Louis City has seen some of the worst corruption in the country — not only because of the people governing it, but because of a system that enables leaders to put their own personal interests over those of the people. Over 73 percent of St. Louis residents feel the City is headed in the wrong direction, according to a recent poll. It’s time for a change.

Reform St. Louis, a local ballot initiative campaign, is working to root out the corruption and plague of special interest influence in our city government. Their proposal provides commonsense reforms to the Board of Aldermen that holds our leaders accountable to the people they represent.

If passed, Alderpersons would be prohibited from acting on any piece of legislation in which they have a conflict of interest. The responsibility of drawing ward boundaries would be taken away from Alderpersons and would be redirected to an independent citizens commission. And Alderpersons would be prohibited from changing their own election methods without public support.

Reform St. Louis is hoping to get this initiative on the February 2022 ballot. If you’d like to support a more effective, honest government in St. Louis, help Reform St. Louis put its reforms on the ballot. Every signature on our petition or conversation about our initiatives pushes us further toward our goal of a better future for St. Louis. To learn more about what we hope to accomplish and contribute to our movement, visit our website at

Our government can’t carry out its functions if the machine is broken. Let’s work together to create a system that serves the people for generations to come.

Musicians Local 2-197
Executive Board
Coalition of Labor
Union Women
League of Women Voters
Resident of the city of St. Louis for 52 years

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