YOUR LETTERS: Standing for workers, because ‘it’s personal’


My family worked its way into the middle class with the support of a union — Operating Engineers Local 513 in St. Louis. My great grandfather was a crane operator on the construction of the Arch.

That’s why when the government puts barriers in the way of working people organizing for a better future for themselves and their families — it’s personal to me.

And for years now, politicians in Jefferson City have tried, from attacking pensions to pushing for so-called “right-to-work” schemes. This election year is no different.

But I don’t just accept that things are just the way they are — and you shouldn’t either. That’s why I’m running for governor, and it’s why I’m asking you to be a part of our grassroots movement.

We deserve a government that puts working people first — not the special interests or powerful mega-donors who dominate our government under Governor Mike Parson.

And we deserve a governor that will fight for the right to organize, safe and fair workplaces, better wages, better benefits, and better opportunities in education and workplace.

Let me be frank about this — Governor Parson is the anti-worker candidate in this race.

If he’s elected to a full term this November, he’ll have four more years to push an anti-worker agenda. We can’t let that happen.

I’m committed to fighting working people as your next Governor …together let’s bring a new way of doing things to our government.

Missouri State Auditor
Democratic candidate for Governor

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Nicole Galloway is endorsed by the Missouri AFL-CIO, St. Louis Labor Council and the entire Missouri Labor Movement. Donations to her campaign can be made at


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