YOUR LETTERS: Support your local union journalists


Lee Enterprises has made many crippling cuts at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

From 300-plus newsroom staffers when Lee bought the Post-Dispatch in June, 2005, there are now 70-something, according to my last count.

The last correspondent in the once proud Washington bureau retired in May, 2019. One reason Ann Wagner won so easily against a talented opponent was that there were no journalists left to cover her horrible voting record in Congress.

Where Post-Dispatch staffers once were rated as the fourth-highest paid newsroom employees in the country, today they are no longer even the highest paid in St. Louis. Yes, they are still working their butts off to give you the best news report possible under the circumstances. And they sure as hell deserve the public’s support.

But imagine how much more news you would get if some of these highly paid executives and their bonuses at Lee headquarters in Davenport, Iowa were used instead to pay for front-line news gathers.

Support the hard-working journalists at your local newspaper, including the Labor Tribune.

MIKE SORKIN, United Media Guild
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (retired)


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