YOUR LETTERS: Supporting public education

The Missouri AFL-CIO and teachers’ unions have endorsed my campaign for State Treasurer. This means a lot to me, since public education has been at the heart of my service in both the Missouri House and my time as an elected member of Lindbergh School Board.

But right now, as schools are starting to reopen their doors to students amid unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, solidarity with educators and support staff has taken on new significance.

Schools across Missouri have had to meet an incredible burden to make in-person learning possible. And they have had to do it with severely less financial resources since Governor Parson cut the state budget for education by an eye-popping $459 million for the current fiscal year.

My opponent, our appointed Treasurer, cosigned all of this. He does not support public education, and he does not support the safety of our teachers and staff or our students. The coronavirus is exposing the toxic effects of failed leadership and ineffective officeholders in very stark and dangerous ways.

So I want to ask you to help support my campaign for Missouri State Treasurer, like the teacher’s union and other Labor groups have, because we cannot afford to put our kids, educators, support staff and community at risk any longer.

This isn’t just “politics,” and it isn’t simply about money—it is about competent, compassionate leadership, and about protecting our future.

Democratic candidate for Missouri Treasurer

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