YOUR LETTERS: Telling it like it is


(EDITOR’S NOTE: In one of his alternative-facts quotes, President Donald Trump accused Democrats of “not getting anything done.” Illinois Senator Dick Durbin had this response.)

Well, Mr. President, nothing could be further from the truth. Democrats in the House are working overtime to pass urgent and meaningful legislation on everything from protecting people with pre-existing conditions, to fighting the threat of climate change, to reforming our gun laws, to defending our democracy.

But nearly every piece of progressive legislation passed by House Democrats is dying in self-described “Grim Reaper” Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s legislative graveyard in the Senate.

Democrats in Congress are fighting to lower prescription drug costs, reduce the costs of health care, and strengthen the middle class.

But Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are standing in the way, blocking bill after bill that would help improve the lives of families all across the nation.

Enough is enough.

U.S. Senator


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