YOUR LETTERS: They don’t share our values


To all union families:

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

“Right-to-Work” is wrong for workers.

Racism is a public health crisis.

Missouri’s schools and teachers deserve better.

Our economy shouldn’t leave people behind.

From Day 1, these values have been the foundation of my campaign. I’m running for governor because Mike Parson — and his billionaire allies — don’t share these values. They don’t share our values.

They know the only way they can win this election is if they can distract voters from what really matters with negative ads and false attacks. We’ve been able to fight back thanks to support from folks like you, and that’s made this a neck-and-neck race.

Democratic candidate
Missouri governor

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Nicole Galloway is endorsed by the St. Louis Labor Council and the Missouri AFL-CIO. A full list of Labor’s COPE-endorsed candidates in Missouri and Illinois is printed on page 12 of this edition.)


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