YOUR LETTERS: To save our economy, create jobs, vote for Biden


Our economy is in trouble.

Back in 2008-09, we were in trouble. To create jobs and rebuild America, the Obama-Biden team spent $48 billion on our transportation infrastructure, improving 42,000 road miles, and renovating 2,700 bridges. Joe Biden led that effort and there was never a hint of scandal or trouble.

Four years ago, candidate Trump promised a massive infrastructure program – it never happened.

Joe Biden has a $2 Trillion plan to rebuild America, which would make America great again. Good paying construction jobs with benefits put Americans back to work.

Decent transportation cuts waste and makes American business competitive. Other countries get this, the Chinese are building like crazy.

If we truly are going to be a great nation we need a world-class transportation system – that will come to us with Joe Biden as President. Please join me in voting for him.

Business Manager, Missouri and
Kansas Laborers District Council


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