YOUR LETTERS: Union approval keeps rising! Welcome to the 20s!


According to Gallup, union approval is at a near 50-year high, with 64 percent of Americans approving of Labor unions.

That more than half of the country approves of unions not only signals Organized Labor’s enduring strength, but also highlights growing public recognition that we need unions today more than ever.

The UAW strike of General Motors — one of the most successful union movements of the year — is evidence that workers can leverage increased strength through unions. The successful strike showed many across the country that joining unions and demanding essential benefits like healthcare and higher wages is well worth the fight.

The 40-day strike, which started mid-September by roughly 50,000 members of UAW working at General Motors, was about much more than corporate profits and stable jobs that can support families.

It was also about the power of solidarity.

This fight was about more than GM. It was about the kind of country we want to live in and whom we prioritize: a handful of corporate executives and shareholders or thousands of rank and file workers.

Fin. Sec.-Treas.
UAW 2250


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