YOUR LETTERS: Wagner TV ad: desperate, misleading & false


Rep. Ann Wagner’s first TV ad of 2020 (against challenger Jill Schupp) has been called out four separate times for being misleading and false.

It is clear that Rep. Wagner, the former big-money bundler turned congresswoman, would rather deceive voters in the 2nd Congressional District than defend her own record. Voters deserve a representative who is going to tell the truth, not lie, mislead, and distort the facts.

Ann Wagner knows she can’t defend her disastrous votes that keep the cost of prescription drugs high and gut health care protections for those with preexisting conditions, so she’s chosen to lie about Jill Schupp’s record instead.

Jill Schupp is a fierce advocate for survivors of sexual assault and has worked tirelessly to bring them the justice they deserve, while keeping predators behind bars.

To exploit the issue of sexual violence for personal gain is inexcusable and Congresswoman Wagner should be ashamed.

Independent fact checkers and trusted community sources have already spoken out:

  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch – Wagner “attacks distort congressional challenger’s record on  offender laws.”
  • PolitiFact – Wagner’s ad is “our definition of Mostly False.”
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board – Wagner’s first ad of the year is “deeply misleading.”
  • KMOV 4 – “So is that claim true? Not exactly.”

Campaign spokesperson
Schupp for Congress


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