YOUR LETTERS: Working families have been the backbone of America

Let me wish you and all working families here in Missouri and beyond a happy May Day! May Day has been celebrated to honor laborers dating back to the 1885 American Federation of Labor convention.

Our working families have been the backbone of American industry for centuries, and they deserve recognition.

Working Missourians have been put under immense challenges this past year, as the pandemic raged and families struggled to stay afloat. But like all Missourians, when the going gets tough, we get to work and build a community together.

I want to take a moment to recognize our state’s union leaders and members who worked tirelessly to keep our state going during this challenging year. Our unions are at the frontlines of the fight for a living wage, fairer working conditions, and increased PPE as we continue to face the challenges of working in a pandemic.

We need to come together for our working families and take up their fight. In the U.S. Senate, I will fight for Missouri’s working families and ensure their interests are represented.

Whether you are a frontline worker or not, you are an essential worker to Missouri’s prosperity. I am honored to fight for you.

Affton, MO
Democratic Candidate, 2022
U.S. Senate

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