$5 For the Fight Fund

Please consider donating to the $5 for the Fight Fund to help a union member in need.

Your donations keep the Fund going to help union families facing unexpected expenses due to injury, job loss, changing life circumstances, medical emergencies or other unexpected changes.

One hundred percent of every donation goes to the Fight fund, and 100 percent of the money in the fund goes to help working families in need.
Union members who turn to the fund do not receive the funds directly. Instead, following confirmation of union membership and an evaluation interview with a Labor liaison at the United Way, the Fund contacts creditors, landlords, mortgage lenders, hospitals, etc. and makes payments directly to those creditors on the union members’ behalf.

Efforts to promote and service the Fund are donated by the Labor Council, United Way and the Labor Tribune.

There are 10 categories of giving:

Apprentice: $1-$12 /George Washington Honor Roll

Journeyman: $13-$50 /Andrew Jackson Honor Roll

Steward: $51-$99 /Ulysses S. Grant Honor Roll

Chief Steward: $100-$499 /Ben Franklin Honor Roll

Job Foreman: $500-$999/William McKinley Honor Roll

General Foreman: $1,000+/Grover Cleveland Honor Roll


Major Donors Honor Roll: $2,500+

In Memoriam: To honor a loved one, friend or fellow union member

In Honor Of: To celebrate someone’s special occasion

(If you make multiple donations over time, you will advance categories appropriately)

An Honor Roll of donors is published periodically in the Labor Tribune and is updated following publication on the Donor Honor Roll page.