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OPTION 1: We’ll mail this Special Issue to all members of your union for only $1.00 per member (price includes all mailing costs).

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    Note: To expedite mailing, please provide us with a list* of your membership with names and home addresses, preferably in the form of an Excel spreadsheet file no later than July 15th.

    Email this file to our Mailing Specialist Lynn Fowler (lfowler@labortribune.com), and mail in your check (made out to the Labor Tribune) for the total amount to:

    The St. Louis Labor Tribune
    505 South Ewing Avenue
    St. Louis, MO 63103
    Attention RTW Office

    *We guarantee the safety of your list, as we have protected the privacy of our lists for the past 84 years! After this one-time use, we will erase this list from our records.

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