3-week strike at McKesson ends, helped by solidarity of strikers and all of Labor

UFCW LOCAL 655 MEMBERS at McKesson Pharmaceutical went on strike demanding better wages and respect on the job. And they GOT IT. – UFCW Local 655 photo

O’Fallon, MO – A three-week strike at McKesson Pharmaceutical has ended with an improved contract, management that understands and has committed to improve employee relations and a heartfelt, special “thank you” from UFCW Local 655 to the Labor Movement for their outstanding support of the workers on the picket line.

The agreement, approved by a 2-to-1 margin, brings wage and benefit increases and most importantly, a new Labor-management cooperative effort to improve relations between the Local 655 members and the company. A major issue in the strike was a “work environment that left workers overworked, under-appreciated and disrespected,” said Local 655 President David Cook in announcing the settlement.

Cook expressed the union’s great appreciation for the support of the Labor Movement, both in supporting strikers on the picket line with food and water, and through donations to a special hardship fund that, in one week, received more than $5,000 from union members and locals.

“Our McKesson partners are so grateful and appreciate that kind of support…it was truly remarkable to see such passionate support from all of you,” Cook said.

And complimenting his striking members, Cook added: “(They) supported one another with the firm belief that things can, and should, be better. They stuck together, worked hard… and got just a little bit closer to that better life.

“To those locals and union brothers and sisters who contributed in the name of solidarity, a sincere ‘Thank You.’ This is the solidarity Labor must have to win these tough fights.”


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