A new, exclusive, money-saving program for our Partners


Some of you may recall a few years ago we rolled out a local discount program.

UFCW Local 655 contacted dozens of local businesses and secured various discounts for all our partners. We found ways to you money on everything from movie tickets to automobile purchases. That program has dried up, and while many businesses still offer some kind of discount to union members, we haven’t seen the kind of robust and significant savings as we once did.

Until now.

I am pleased to announce that in the coming weeks Local 655 will be the first UFCW local in the country to roll out a brand new discount program for all our partners.

This program is 100 percent free to all Local 655 partners and will feature discounts on all kinds of goods and services. Discounts will be available for national brands as well as some local businesses.

The program is entirely digital and easy to use. Once you’ve signed in you can search for deals based on the type of business you’re looking for — like food and beverages, or hotels and travel — and based on your location, meaning you can also use this program if you’re out of town and on the move.

Once you find a discount you want to take advantage of, the website will automatically generate a coupon for your phone or for you to print out and use. It’s that simple.

Even better: businesses that want to participate can be added at any time.

Do you have a friend or family member that has a small business that wants to try to draw new customers with some kind of discount program? We’ll put them in contact with the third party administering this program to help them get added!

Not only does this give our partners access to countless discounts and save their hard-earned money, but it also empowers the people right here in our community who want to drive more customers to their local small business.

The best part of all of this: no cost to you. This program will not cost you, our partners, or our union one single penny!

Many more UFCW locals will be rolling out this discount program in the near future, but I’m proud to say that once again Local 655 is leading the charge in finding new and innovative ways to bring value to our hard-working union family.

As this program grows and evolves, we look forward to helping more local businesses join it and making sure as many of our partners take advantage of this as possible. After all, don’t we all want to save a little money? We all have bills and expenses, and a little relief is more than welcome in our lives.

It’s important for me to note that this program, as of right now, is exclusively for UFCW Local 655 partners.

So, while your family might benefit from that extra cash you save when you go out to dinner, it’s ultimately a benefit for YOU and your coworkers. I’m proud to say it’s yet another example of how your union continues to fight for you.

There are many reasons that unions exist in today’s world, but most of them can be boiled down to a simple one: to make workers’ lives better.

How do we do that? We bargain contracts, we manage benefit funds, we represent workers who are unjustly disciplined or terminated, and we enforce the contract.

Some of what we do is a little broader: we build relationships with local non-profits to benefit everyone in our community and connect our partners with resources in case of a catastrophic life event; we donate money and goods to our local community; we build bridges with local political leaders to advocate for better laws regarding safety, wages, and more.

All of this is part of the value of being a UFCW partner. It’s yet another demonstration of the value we bring to you and those around you every day.

Will this new program make our partners rich? No, but it’s another benefit we are happy to offer because, simply put, it pays to be a union worker, and especially a member/partner of Local 655.

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